Community and Civic Service

To form a habit of giving back, Scouts need fun and interesting community service opportunities. The importance of giving back must be more than just a lesson of the day - we need to offer projects that move their hearts. This page serves to connect Scouts with civic and local service opportunities in our council and make it easier for Scouts and units to be recognized for their contributions to our community.

Unit Level

At the end of the year, PTAC will issue your unit a certificate of civic and community service hours served. You can use this certificate to ask local businesses to support your unit. Each hour your Scouts and Scouting families give to further non-BSA related causes is worth $25.95 (source). 

Units reporting an average of four community service hours per Scout will receive a patch honoring the service of each Scout.

Starting in 2018, the competition begins...

  • For monthly bragging rights! The best or most impactful project submitted by the 15th of each month will be featured in the council newsletter. Submit two to three sentences and up to four pictures to to be considered.
  • The 10 best projects will be selected in November 2018 to be featured in the 2017 Annual Report.

Is your district service-oriented?

Prove it! The three districts with the highest average hours of service to youth will have their February roundtable catered by  PTAC. Get your hours in the system now or assign someone in your unit to do it here. 

Reporting is easy! Learn how to report your community service hours here.

Need to retrieve your code or have it reset? Call Sandie Gromala at 312-481-8800 x 201

Having trouble? Email for help.


The Honor Flight Chicago organization is changing rules for participation due to new constraints the airport is requesting they abide by. We can no longer offer a blanket invitation to all Scouting families to show up. There will be an approval process that will require pre-registration in order to get approval clearance to go. Because of these changes, there will be no more Honor Flights for 2018. 

The Thanksgiving and December holiday seasons are a time of giving. For that reason, the food depositories in our market receive a large influx of food. Our Scouting families have traditionally contributed to that influx. However, it is not the time of year when our efforts can make the greatest impact. Due to the summer lunch programs for kids that are now being supported by many food pantries, there is a growing need for food as the summer season approaches. As a youth organization, let’s rally together to support these kids in need. Many of them may be our own. We will be working with the food depositories to secure bins to allocate to units in the late spring.

If your unit still wants to help feed the hungry during the giving season we will be setting up a way for youth 14+ to help sort and manage the influx of food the depositories receive during that time. We also encourage you to consider taking your unit to a soup kitchen in your area.