Cub Scouts First Steps


                                                                                  Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!  
                                                                                                       So Let's get started!

                                                                                                   Training Requirements
                          If you have questions after reviewing the training requirements below, please contact Paul Breider, PTAC Training Comittee Chair.        

                    Classroom Training:

Information and registration for live classroom courses can be found on the Pathway to Adventure Council website.
                           Register for courses either by using the Event links available from the Council Calendar or from the Training Events
                           tab on the Training web page.
  Register for a course based on your position in your Pack.


                  Online Training:

Basic training is also available online at  Training courses available online include the courses below.
                             Complete the training for your position in your Pack.  See below for instructions for accessing online training


                        Instructions for Online Training

                            1)  Go to
                            2)  Sign into your my Scouting account or for new users create a new accout.

                                   Please note: if you forgot your user name or 
password, click on Forgot Username or Forgot Password.  You will receive
                                   an email with information for updating your account. DO NOT CR
EATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  Your Scout ID number can
                                   only be attached to one account (profile).   

                                   For the training to get credited to your unit, your Scout ID number must be on your account profile. Your Scout ID can only
                                   be on one profile so if you create a second account the system will not accept your Scout ID and any training that you do will
                                   not show up on your unit record. 

                                   Your membership card shows your current Scout ID. If you don't have the card, check with your unit committee chair
                                   for your current Scout ID and be sure that is the number on your profile.  If you do not have a
                                   permanent Scout ID yet, you can still take the online training.  However, you will need to return to your account
                                   profile and add your permanent Scout ID to your profile. See the instructions below for changing your Scout ID in

                             3)  Once the main page opens, click on Menu in the upper left corner of the page.
                             4)  From the drop down menu, click on My Dashboard.  The first screen will show your current Youth Protection Training status
                                   and allow you to take the course if necessary.
                             5)  Click on Training Center in the middle of the screen. Then click on Cub Scout to access the training modules relevant to your position.
                                   You can click on any module to take it.  At the conclusion of all modules for a course, you will be able to print a certificate.  Be sure
                                   you print and save your certificate.  Your training should automatically update on and be recorded on your unit record.
                                   However,  it is important to have the certificate just in case something goes wrong and the training does not get recorded.

                             Changing your Scout ID in
                            1)  Follow the instructions above to logon to
                            2)  C
lick on Menu in the upper left corner of the page.
From the drop down menu, click on Legacy Web Tools.
                            4)  Click on Manage Member ID.
                            5)  Verify that all the information is correct.  If the Scout ID listed at the bottom of your profile is different from the Scout ID 
                                  from your unit, you must add the Scout ID from your unit and mark that as your primary Scout ID. Be sure to select 
                                  Pathway to Adventure, #456, from the Council drop down box.
                            6)   If you make any changes, be sure to save the information.