Popcorn Unit Fundraiser

We have made a number of changes to this year’s sale to make it more fun and easier for you and your unit. We have also added a 50% Above & Beyond bonus commission to help your unit make more money!  Check out the 2015 Popcorn Calendar and Highlights for more information.

Fall Sale Calendar:  

Sat, Oct 24 - Show & Sell Returns + Show & Sell Payments, Prize Orders, Take Orders, and Roster of Selling Scouts Due

Turn in orders online at http://scouting.trails-end.com/TESales/, during the week prior at any office with the order form or on-site when returning Show & Sell product.

All units making Show & Sell returns will bring their popcorn to New Process Steel located at:
5761 W. 118th St.
Alsip, IL 60803

More information about return day will be available at a later date.

Sat, Nov 7 - Take Orders Distribution
Details coming soon.

Fri, Dec 4 - Final Payments Due


2015 Popcorn Calendar and Highlights

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2015 Popcorn Commitment Card

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2015 Popcorn Sale Take Order Form

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2015 Popcorn Sale Take Order Form (Spanish)

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2015 Unit Roster of Selling Scouts

2015 Show & Sell Order Calculator

2015 Popcorn Sale Product Mix

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How to Set Up a Site Sale Table

District Kernels and Executives Contact Info
2015 Unit Master Prize Order Form

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How does your fundraiser stack up? 

Top Ten Tips to Grow Your Sale

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2015 Trail's End Scholarship Enrollment Form ($2500+ Sellers)

Mystery House Clues! #6

For more information about the popcorn sale contact your District Kernel or Executive, or email the Popcorn Team at PopcornSale@Scouting.org.